Google Meet is now available for free - ZDNet

13 May 2020

Two weeks after announcing the free availability of Google Meet, Google on Tuesday said the rollout is complete. The video conferencing tool, initially built for the enterprise, is now accessible to anyone at or on iOS or Android.�Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has seen a surge of interest in its video conferencing tools. In March, the company made Meet's advanced features free for G Suite users and since then has seen daily usage grow by 30X, adding about 3 million new users a day last month. In addition to expanding access to the tool, Google has sought to capitalize on the current situation by ramping up support for Meet, adding new features and making it directly accessible from Gmail.Must read:Zoom security: Your meetings will be safe if you do these 10 thingsBest video conferencing software for businessThe complete Zoom guide: From basic help to advanced tricksMicrosoft Teams: How to master remote work beyond the basicsVideo conferencing tools have become vital during the pandemic-related lockdowns, as people look for ways to stay productive and stay social. Other companies along with Google are seeking to capitalize on the current situation by rolling out new video tools. Late last month, Facebook announced a series of new video products, including Messenger Rooms -- a consumer-focused video conferencing tool.� Read More