WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night Two) results: Bray Wyatt channels the past to beat John Cena - Wrestling News

2 May 2020

In the semi-main event of WWE WrestleMania (Night Two), John Cena took on Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Fun House Match.

John Cena made his entrance but was cut off by the Firefly FunHouse music and Bray appeared inside of the Fun House. Bray said Cena would be facing his most dangerous opponent…himself. Bray led the Funhouse and then the camera panned out and Cena was suddenly in the house.

Ramblin’ Rabbit appeared and told him Bray left through the door. Cena left the house and he was suddenly inside of a dark room and then puppet Mr. McMahon appeared. Puppet McMahon asked Cena if he has enough Ruthless Aggression and if he doesn’t then he’s fired. Bray appeared in the ring and issued a challenge overlayed with Kurt Angle’s 2003 challenge from SmackDown. Cena accepted and he was dressed as the 2003 version of himself when he was a rookie. Macho Mercy and Mr. McBossman called the action as the Saturday Nights Main Event theme played for some reason with the full intro as it played in the 80s. Bray then appeared in a SNME type of promo behind a cage, similar to Hulk Hogan. This was awesome. Cena appeared next to Bray while pumping iron as they both cut a crazy 80s style promo with 80s music playing in the background. So much was happening here. Cena’s arms go too tired from pumping iron so he couldn’t lift them to fight Bray.

Bray shoved Cena into another room that had the old SmackDown fist and Cena was suddenly dressed in the Thuganomics version of himself. Cena did a rap about Husky Harris not being able to manage his weight. He called Bray a disappointment and a slut for an opportunity. Bray said he has had to earn everything in life and still it gets taken away while John is the golden goose and his chances are unlimited. Bray called John a bully and a horrible person because he takes weaknesses of others and he turns them into jokes. He said John does anything for fame. John rapped again as dark music played. John charged at Bray in the corner of the ring but Bray moved and then he hit John with a chain to the head.

All of a sudden, the original main roster version of Bray appeared on his rocking chair. He said John was supposed to be a man of the people but he didn’t listen. Clips of their WrestleMania 30 aired during this part. Bray said he is going to rewrite his own story. Bray attacked Cena in the ringand then he tried the Sister Abigail but Cena slipped out. Bray gave him a chair. Cena swung the chair but Bray disappeared.

NWO Monday Nitro intro played and Bray was dressed like Eric Bischoff with an NWO shirt. Bray introduced John Cena, who was dressed like Hollywood Hogan with the spray painted WCW title. Cena tackled Bray and punched down on him but Huskus the pig appeared in place of Bray and then The Fiend appeared behind Cena. The Fiend hit Sister Abigail and then applied the Mandible Claw as Mr. Rogers Bray counted to three.

This was crazy.

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